Caroline Grauel

Caroline Grauel is an expert in the field of neuroeconomics, consumer behavior and brand management with a focus on the luxury goods and tourism industry.

She supports and advises companies in understanding the deep-seated mechanisms involved in purchasing and branding decisions and in successfully integrating these insights into their brand and marketing strategies. Her expertise in neuroscience and consumer behavior research makes Caroline Grauel a sought-after expert.

It places particular emphasis on reinforcing brand perception in the consumer’s brain and creating brand congruence and long-term brand loyalty.

In addition, Caroline Grauel is a consultant at the neuroscience institute of the management consultancy Deloitte. In addition to her work, she is conducting research on purchasing decisions and sustainability preferences in the luxury segment and is doing her doctorate on this topic at the University of Bremen.

Caroline Grauel’s career began at TUI AG, where she worked as an executive assistant in the Hotels & Resorts and Cruises division on various strategy projects. She then gained valuable experience in management consulting and completed her Master of Science in Global Management & Governance, specializing in consumer behavior and neuromarketing.

More about Caroline Grauel
More about Caroline Grauel

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